Can You Manifest a Better Life?

Can You Manifest a Better Life?

Ever since the world came across the book – The Secret,  people have been crazy about the idea of manifestation or the law of attraction. Apparently, you have the ability to build your life. All you have to do is think what you want and believe it to be true. But, does it really work? 

Today, the world is torn between people who believe in the process of manifesting a better life, a better job and even a partner and others who think it’s no more than a hoax. 

Now, in order to find out which one makes more sense, we need to look at it from a third person’s perspective. Keeping that outlook, let’s dissect the idea and process of manifestation. 

What Is Manifestation?

Manifestation is the idea that you can work with the universe and decide what happens in  your life. The basic idea is that if you can think something, it will happen in your life. 

So, the process works on the principle of attraction. So, if you are looking for a better job, you think about your role, the job you would like to have and create that role for yourself. The universe will work its way to make it possible for you. 

Now that you are introduced to the concept of manifestation, let’s understand if it works or not.

Does Manifestation Work?

Well, manifestation does work for some people. At least that‘s what they claim. Thought leaders like Oprah and Gabby Bernstein and acclaimed author Louise Hay are strong supporters of manifestation. 

“The law of attraction is that our thinking creates and brings us whatever we think about.” – Louise Hay

Oprah too believes that once she figured out how to manifest her thoughts she was able to implement it more often in her life. 

But, despite such popular names supporting the idea, it’s not always fruitful for people. Manifestation does not work 100% of the time. It depends on how you think and affirm your thoughts. After going through the works of several thought leaders and articles on popular websites like Austin Chronicle, here’s a brief introduction to the different steps that are involved in manifesting anything in your life. 

Step 1: Clarity 

Be clear about what you want. The more exact you are about your goal the better. Try thinking in detail. For example, if you are  looking for a relationship, don’t just think about having a partner. Add details to your thoughts such as qualities, values, behavior, etc. Basically, tailor an idea for yourself. 

Step 2: Ask for It

Now’s the time to start asking for what you desire. You can do it in several ways. Meditation and prayer are some common methods. Others advise you to visualize your thoughts and create a vision board

Asking for what you want once a day is a great way to start manifestation. 

Step 3: Affirmations

It’s all about believing in your thoughts from now on. Keep thinking positively and affirm your thoughts. This will further strengthen your manifestation process. Some even practice the 369 method. 

It involves writing affirmations in a diary three times in the morning, 6 times in the evening and 9 times at night. 

Step 4: Work On It

The reason why most manifestation processes don’t work is because people often forget to work on their thoughts. While being positive and being clear about your goals is one half of the process, you need to set up proper steps and work your way towards your goal. Sitting at home, thinking about an idea and doing nothing to make it happen is not manifestation. 

What’s the Conclusion?

Whether manifestation works or not is all up to you. It’s how you practice it and turn it into reality. But remember, manifestation is not just about thinking positively about an idea or desire. It’s also about acting on it to make it possible. So, when you make these two things work together, it is possible to manifest a better life for yourself. 

Nathaniel Garrett

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