How to Strategize The Game of Life During Lockdown?

How to Strategize The Game of Life During Lockdown?

If you roll a dice ten times and get a 6 each time, the probability of getting another “six” would be 16.7%. It’s because, in a game of chance, past results would never impact your future outcomes.

No matter what you do, there is no method to up your game strategically. But, when it comes to life, you won’t win it unless you know your strategy. That’s the secret why some are still able to achieve their desired goals even during the lockdown. And others are miserably failing because they are busy complaining about the atrocities of the growing pandemic. 

So, according to you, what separates high achievers from everyone else? What is it they do differently? Although chances or what we call “luck” has its fair share, winners consistently make the right choices to win the game every time. In a nutshell, mastering your art is the only winning strategy that can help you win the game of life. Can’t find the right ways to do that? Keep reading, and you will find the right strategies to emerge as a winner. 

Set a Vision or Mission For Your Life

Life gives everyone equal opportunities to create their path and get on with it. But, there would be absolutely no win unless you have something to aim for. Some could have their epiphanies. Others could have that awakening. But, it’s not like it will always come running to you. Precisely why a lot of people are unable to win the game of life because they can’t find their vision. So, the rest of us need to work hard to achieve it. To begin with, one needs to figure out a vision of who they want to become. And for that, you must ask yourself:

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • What are your desires?
  • Do you have the qualities of the person who you want to be?

Once you have your questions, start working on finding the answers to achieve your visions. Unlike what you think, the vision of life won’t always point towards having a successful career or earning money. Sometimes it could be about leading a meaningful life or enriching your life with health and happiness. Whatever you choose, it would require an extensive brainstorming. So, don’t sit around waiting for your opportunities to come to you. Instead, shape your vision to achieve your goals.

Believe in Yourself

Many people are under-confident on their capabilities of achieving their set visions. Well, in that case, adding a mission regarding “believe in yourself” would help you achieve that. That’s how you can develop the right psychology to figure things out yourself. Don’t stick merely on the thoughts like “there will be a better tomorrow.” Input your energy, concentration, focus, and every resource to develop knowledge and skill to master the craft. It is the only strategy that will help achieve your desired output. 

Let’s take an example to understand this better. If your aim is to lead a healthy lifestyle during the coronavirus pandemic, all you need to do is start working on strategies that will help you do that. For instance, working out, eating a well-balanced meal, getting enough rest, would be some of the strategies to follow your vision of a healthy life. So, consistently working towards it will help you achieve the confidence and competency to win the game of life. 

Don’t Lose Out on The Fun Element

When you set your vision, desire, and a strategy to achieve your goal, adding a bit of fun would make your journey even more thrilling. It’s helpful when everything around is not working out well for you. For example, a lot of people are feeling demotivated because of the ongoing pandemic. To beat that, if you proactively come up with strategies to enjoy life, nothing in the world can stop you from achieving your wishes. Don’t forget a happy mind always does the trick. It’s because the energy it brings sparks your life with enthusiasm. And that boosts your momentum and motivates you to achieve even during the crisis. 

To do that, you can devote your time to reading. Or you can try music that will help you charge up. Or if you are feeling down, you can watch an episode or two of Big Bang Theory and F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I am sure a lot of people have them as their guilty pleasures. 

Patience is The Key to Success

I know life is not progressing the way it was supposed to be. But pat yourself on the back and start working towards your goal, instead of cribbing about the situation. I understand it might frustrate you when things are not going your way. But beating yourself won’t bring any success either. It will only bring out the worst in you. Honor the struggle and make patience your chariot to achieve the best in life, be it professionally or personally. Give it some time, and the right opportunity will knock your door soon.  

For example, if you run a hospitality business, nothing you will do now can bring you instant profits. But, if you slightly change your mindset and work on mastering things that can help you post lockdown, you will feel lighter. In fact, you will start enjoying your work even more. However, becoming a peaceful warrior to achieve your goals needs more than just patience. You will need persistence and the right choices that will help you imbibe these traits in yourself. Try Yoga or meditation. Sometimes even gardening helps to develop such character traits in you. 

Help Others Around You 

Remember, we are all part of this game of life. Everyone is doing their best. Showing love and care to other people’s situations will not only foster a relationship, but it will also help someone in their times of crisis. To help other beings is the only rule of the game of life. I, me, or myself, won’t land you anywhere if you are looking to excel in the game. 

It’s just like a competitive game where to reach the desired goal, a player needs to unlock different levels. However, not everyone can decode that. So, players who are high achievers use valorant boosting to help the weaker players reach their goals. They do that by either partnering with them or by playing their part. Similarly, you must respect other people’s situations and try being understanding, empathetic to help them achieve the zest of life. 

Final Thoughts on Winning The Game of Life

No one comes into this world, knowing what life has installed for them. Everyone is a beginner. Only time, hard work, perseverance, patience, and consistency will allow you to gather all the necessary resources or gadgets to achieve your desired goal. So, give yourself some time to create directives that will shape your choices or actions in the future. Don’t let COVID-19 or anything around you change your life’s directions. So, don’t hold back and set your rules to win your game of life like a pro. 

Nathaniel Garrett

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